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zeb Digital Mortgage Lending Study 2021

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Construction and housing financing: digital offerings required

  • Bank customers are willing to handle part of the mortgage process digitally: a large majority of customers searches for information online, would apply for a loan on the web and submit documents accordingly.
  • Mortgage customers look for a bank to guide them through the process of buying a home. This includes housing, insurance and legal advice.
  • The share of mortgages in bank income has increased from 17 to 27 percent in Germany, from 19 to 44 percent in Austria and from 37 to even 67 percent in Switzerland over the past ten years. Online mortgages are the next big revenue driver for banks.

Münster/Vienna/Zurich, June 10, 2021 – The coronavirus pandemic and working from home have increased the importance of people’s living environment. In 2020, there was a veritable run on real estate financing and home loans, partly due to historically low interest rates. The…

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