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Zack Dyl’s New Book ‘Mind Album 4: Athletics’ Helps Readers Develop Appreciation for the Ways in Which Athletics Help to Round Out One’s Spiritual and Physical Beauty

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Press Release

Oct 28, 2022 06:00 EDT

Fulton Books author Zack Dyl, a teachgiver, cartoonist, and music artist, has completed his most recent book “Mind Album 4: Athletics”: a collection of important moments in sports history that help to highlight how athletics have positively impacted lives, and how they might help readers grow in this spiritual journeys.

“‘Mind Album’ books help readers acquire new knowledge (strategies), develop intuition (choices), and see the beauty in their life (journal),” writes Dyl. “Each book connects to an area of beauty. Use them to keep a Trail of Beauty Journal. This can help you see the beauty in your life. Seeing the beauty helps release dopamine, serotonin,…

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