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Zach King Wins Streamy Award 2021 for Best Visual Effects

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The Streamy Awards recognizes excellence in online videos and honors the creatives behind them

Press Release

updated: Jan 12, 2022 17:00 EST

Zach King, the popular online creator most known for his short viral magic videos, is on a winning streak, steadily becoming one of the world’s top digital entertainers. According to King Studio, Zach won a Streamy Award for Best Visual and Special Effects (though he prefers to call it “digital sleight of hand”). The Streamy Awards is an annual event dedicated to recognizing excellence in online videos and honoring the creators behind them. This is Zach’s third Streamy, winning his first in 2015.

Since entering the TikTok stage in 2016, Zach has captivated an audience of over 66 million followers, making him the fifth most followed creator on the app. In fact, he…

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