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WyoTech Announces Inaugural Hall of Fame Class

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The leading automotive, diesel and collision trade school has inducted six alumni during a ceremony on June 2.

WyoTech, the leading automotive trade school, announces its inaugural Hall of Fame class, with alumni including a John Deere master tech whose YouTube videos have garnered 8 million views, a custom car builder who returned as an instructor, and a trailblazer known as “The Fastest Woman on Earth.”

“Each of the six alumni has achieved tremendous career success and demonstrates WyoTech’s capability of training students to succeed across the entire spectrum of the trade industry,” said Jim Mathis, president and CEO of WyoTech. “We’re honored to recognize them as the first inductees of WyoTech’s Hall of Fame and to show the public the kind of impact our graduates have on the trade industry and…

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