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Wyld launches innovative mobile mesh technology to create new applications in consumer and enterprise networks and monitor social distancing

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Generate new revenue streams, operate more efficiently and get back to work safely in the new normal

14 July 2020: Wyld Networks has launched Wyld Mesh and Fusion, a new mobile mesh networking technology and content delivery platform. Wyld Mesh and Fusion benefit businesses looking for innovative ways to generate much needed new revenue streams, operate more efficiently, get back to work safely and monitor social distancing practices. Wyld Mesh harnesses the power of peoples’ mobile devices without relying on connections to cellular or Wi-Fi networks. Data finds the quickest and easiest route by hopping from smartphone to smartphone or IoT device to deliver notifications and rich multimedia content quickly and reliably.

Wyld Mesh Network

In combination with the Wyld Fusion content platform with its rich geolocation capabilities and advanced data analytics, the new mesh communication solution can deliver relevant content to the right…

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