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Worldwide sales of the new steam sterilizers and washer disinfectors from SCHLUMBOHM Medizin-Labor-Technologie GmbH to clinics, doctor’s offices and laboratories

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SCHLUMBOHM Medizin-Labor-Technologie GmbH offer an extraordinary product portfolio with very innovative medical and laboratory devices worldwide:

Steam sterilizers, washer disinfectors, steam disinfection systems, large-volume washer-disinfectors, care combinations, bedpan washers, autoclaves, laboratory washers, functional medical furniture, medical waste treatment, operating tables, operating theater lights, traceability software, validation and accessories.

SCHLUMBOHM Medizin-Labor-Technologie GmbH Service Centers

We’re really good at it … manufacturing, sales and service!

As a manufacturer of steam sterilizers, washer disinfectors, care combinations, stainless steel furniture and systems for the treatment of medical waste, we supply hospitals and laboratories worldwide with our medical and laboratory technology. A total of more than 120 highly qualified employees work at our production sites in Germany and…

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