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Wingamm Bringing Line of Luxury Compact RVs to America to Meet US Demand for #VanLife, Remote Work and Experiential Living

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Wingamm’s most compact model, the Oasi 540, launches first in California and New Jersey, with national expansion by 2023

Wingamm, the leading provider of luxury compact RVs in Europe, today announced it is bringing Europe’s most sought after and innovative motorhomes to the U.S. market to meet the demand of U.S. buyers for more compact and luxurious motorhomes. The Wingamm Oasi 540 is the first Micro Class RV (vehicles less than 18 feet long that can sleep four people and with a full indoor bathroom) available for sale in the United States. Wingamm’s expansion to the U.S. will be through an exclusive distribution deal with TM Motorhome Sales, LLC. Wingamm will be launching with its most compact model, the Oasi 540, and sales will start in California and New Jersey, with a planned nationwide expansion.

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