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Wine Cellar Businesses Can Avoid Costly Stock Problems With SimplyRFID

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Business owners can check their inventory levels in seconds — avoiding shortages and missing items — for less than $300 per month, using RFID.

Press Release

updated: Jul 26, 2021

Businesses that deal with consumable stocks like food and beverages need some form of inventory control. Without inventory control, companies risk experiencing a shortage of stocks, overstocks and other costly problems.

SimplyRFID has written a guide on how a wine cellar company can manage its stock using RFID for less than $300 per month when they have Wave RFID.

Moving wine to take inventory will upset the sediment and disrupt the aging process. It also takes a long time to check each bottle. The process involves finding the barcode, scanning the barcode and returning the bottle to its proper place on the shelf.


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