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Whitepaper Cautions Law Enforcement Regarding Artificial Intelligence Risks

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Manhattan Beach, CA, August 10, 2021 –(PR.com)– Tech influencer Jesse Torres has released a whitepaper that cautions law enforcement agencies regarding the risks of using artificial intelligence. The whitepaper entitled, “Artificial Intelligence and Law Enforcement: Human Rights at Risk,” details the human rights challenges that law enforcement agencies face when deploying artificial intelligence solutions.

The whitepaper describes three key areas in which law enforcement currently uses artificial intelligence: place-based predictive policing, facial recognition, and judicial decision-making.

Torres writes, “Thanks to advances in computing, a significant drop in the cost of computing resources, the availability of an endless data stream, and the ability to readily analyze the data, the AI industry has managed to make artificial intelligence the topic of conversations in every corner of society and within practically every…

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