What is the Apollo Crypto Token ?


What is the Apollo Crypto Token ?

$APOLLO (APL) is an ERC-20 token built on the Ethereum blockchain. The token was launched on January 12, 2022 with the aim of helping up-and-coming creators, such as artists, content creators, and streamers, by raising funds to support their projects and provide them with opportunities to succeed. The developers are currently expanding that utility with a GameFi ecosystem that will reward players who complete missions and win skill based competitions.

The token operates within a Decentralised Autonomous Organization (DAO) framework, which means that the community of token holders has control over the project’s key decision-making processes. This decentralised approach aligns with the original spirit of blockchain technology, promoting transparency and community involvement.

Apollo Token Overview

  • Token Name: APOLLO
  • Token Symbol: $APL

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  • Trading Pair: APL/USDT

What are the features of the token?

There are a few key features for Apollo. One of the key features of $APOLLO is its token design, which provides various benefits to holders. These include:

  1. Reflections: Holders receive a 3% reflection reward, which means that a portion of each transaction is distributed among all token holders. This mechanism incentivizes people to hold the token, as they can passively earn additional tokens over time.
  2. Token Burn: A 2% burn mechanism is implemented, which involves removing tokens from circulation. This process helps stabilise the token’s value by reducing the total supply over time.
  3. Contribution to Up-and-coming Creators: A 1% portion of each transaction is allocated to support up-and-coming GameFi protocol. This contribution will be used by the developers to support the utility and to pay out rewards.

Characteristics of the Apollo token

Below are the characteristics of Apollo token, 

  1. Fixed minting and initial burn: 2 trillion tokens were minted, and 1 trillion were immediately burned, providing stability and deflationary impact.
  2. No pre-sales or developer hold-backs: The development team purchased tokens like everyone else, ensuring fairness.
  3. 100% perfect score on anti-fraud audit: Apollo received a flawless audit score from Soken, a reputable audit firm.
  4. Controlled by a DAO: The token’s utility is governed by the community of token holders through a decentralised autonomous organisation.
  5. Original token contract is fixed: The contract cannot be changed, preserving token integrity.
  6. Liquidity locking: Initial liquidity was locked for 6 months, with controlled daily unlocking thereafter.
  7. Community-friendly tokenomics: Token design includes reflections, burn, and contributions to support up-and-coming creators.
  8. Dev donation wallet: A wallet supports ongoing development and operational costs.

These characteristics highlight Apollo’s stability, fairness, community control, and support for creators.

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