What is a Bearium?


Bearium is a tokenized form of digital currency that serves as the primary currency for transactions and purchases on the Bearproof.io platform. It is designed to function as a representation of ‘shares’ within the platform. Bearium’s value is directly tied to its usage in transactions and is reflected in the value of Bearium shares.

As a tokenized ‘shares’ currency, Bearium plays a vital role in facilitating the exchange of goods and services within the Bearproof.io ecosystem. Users utilize Bearium tokens to engage in various transactions, such as buying and selling products, services, or participating in other activities available on the platform. Each transaction conducted using Bearium contributes to the overall value of Bearium shares.

By utilizing Bearium as the main currency for transactions, Bearproof.io aims to create a dynamic economy within its platform, where the value of Bearium shares can increase based on the demand and usage of the token. This approach aligns with the concept of tokenization, allowing users to have a direct stake in the platform’s growth and success.

In summary, Bearium is a tokenized ‘shares’ currency that acts as the primary currency for all transactions and purchases on the Bearproof.io platform. Its value is intrinsically linked to the value of Bearium shares, which represents the overall worth and performance of the platform.

Bearium Token Overview

  • Token Name: Bearium
  • Token Symbol: $BRIUM
  • Total Supply: 200,000,000 $BRIUM
  • Initial Circulating Supply: 39,162,500 $BRIUM
  • Total token burnt: 109,837,500 $BRIUM

Coinstore.com Listing 

  • Trading Pair: BRIUM/USDT
  • Trade Time: 20th of June, 12pm UTC
  • Withdrawal Time: 20th of June, 12pm UTC

Coinstore Earn 

Live – 26th of June

Bearium Trading Competition on Coinstore.com 

Live – 26th of June

What are the utilities of tokens?
The token of Bearium, being the primary currency on the Bearproof.io platform, has several utilities and use cases. Here are some of the key utilities of the Bearium token:

  1. Transaction Currency: Bearium serves as the main currency for all transactions and purchases within the Bearproof.io ecosystem. Users can utilize Bearium tokens to buy products, services, or engage in various activities available on the platform.
  2. Store of Value: As users engage in transactions and the platform’s ecosystem grows, the value of Bearium tokens can potentially increase. Users can hold Bearium tokens as a store of value, with the opportunity for appreciation over time.
  3. Payment for Subscriptions: Users can use Bearium tokens to purchase subscriptions on the Bearproof.io platform. This allows users to access premium features, exclusive content, or other subscription-based services using Bearium.
  4. Trading Fee Payment: Bearium tokens can be used to pay for trading fees, often referred to as “Gas” fees, incurred during the trading of cryptocurrencies or other assets on the Bearproof.io platform.
  5. Buyback and Burning Mechanism: On every transaction conducted on Bearproof.io, a portion of the currency used by users is used to buy back Bearium tokens on a monthly basis and bought back Bearium tokens will be burnt instantly. This process helps increase the value of Bearium tokens by reducing the token supply and creating additional demand.
  6. Governance and Voting: In some cases, token holders may have governance rights or voting privileges related to the Bearproof.io platform. These rights can include participating in decision-making processes, voting on platform upgrades, or proposing changes to the ecosystem.

These utilities of the Bearium token contribute to creating a vibrant and self-sustaining ecosystem within Bearproof.io, where the token plays a central role in facilitating transactions, incentivizing user participation, and driving the growth and value of the platform.

Which part does the project ecosystem include?
The project ecosystem of Bearium encompasses various components and stakeholders that contribute to its functioning and growth. Here are the key elements included in the Bearium project ecosystem:

  1. Bearproof.io Platform: The Bearproof.io platform serves as the foundation of the ecosystem, providing the infrastructure and framework for users to engage in transactions, access services, and interact with other participants. It is the primary interface where Bearium tokens are utilized for transactions and purchases.
  2. Users: Users form an essential part of the Bearium ecosystem. They are individuals or entities who utilize Bearium tokens to conduct transactions, make purchases, and participate in activities available on the Bearproof.io platform. Users can include buyers, sellers, traders, investors, content creators, and other participants within the ecosystem.
  3. Bearium Token Holders: Bearium token holders are individuals or entities who own and hold Bearium tokens. They play a crucial role in the ecosystem by contributing to liquidity, participating in governance processes, and potentially benefiting from the appreciation of the token’s value.
  4. Developers and Contributors: Developers and contributors are the individuals or teams responsible for building and maintaining the Bearproof.io platform. They work on developing new features, improving functionality, ensuring security, and overall platform enhancement. Their contributions are vital for the success and continuous improvement of the ecosystem.
  5. Partnerships and Integrations: Bearium may form partnerships and collaborations with other projects, platforms, or service providers in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. These partnerships can involve integrating Bearium tokens or services into other platforms, expanding the utility and reach of the ecosystem.
  6. Governance Mechanisms: The Bearium ecosystem may include governance mechanisms that enable token holders to participate in decision-making processes. This can involve voting on platform upgrades, proposing changes, or participating in other governance-related activities.
  7. Community and Supporters: The Bearium ecosystem relies on a vibrant and engaged community of users, enthusiasts, and supporters. This community contributes to the ecosystem’s growth, spreads awareness, provides feedback, and fosters a sense of belonging and collaboration.

The combined interaction and collaboration among these elements form the broader project ecosystem of Bearium. Each component plays a unique role in shaping the success and sustainability of the ecosystem as it evolves over time.

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