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What are Reward Hunters?

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What are Reward Hunters?

Reward Hunters Token (RHT) is a project dedicated to revolutionizing Crypto Gaming by introducing interactive gameplay and community involvement. RHT rewards holders with BNB reflections, promoting fair trading practices and providing passive income opportunities.

Reward Hunters Token Overview

  • Token Name: Reward Hunters
  • Token Symbol: $RHT

Coinstore.com Listing

  • Trading Pair: RHT/USDT

What is the ecosystem of the token?

The project aims to create an ecosystem of games centered around the RHT Token, starting with the NFT Play-to-Earn game, “The Battle of Sotiras.” In this game, players engage in PVP Battle Royale matches, compete for the title of Champion, and have the option to bet on themselves or other top players. The upcoming mini-games include “Crypto Earth,” where users maintain their own NFT Planet, and “Crazy UB,” a game simulating the life of an Uber or Taxi driver. RHT can be used in the virtual coin game, where it is used to purchase gasoline, repair cars, and acquire new tires.

Features of Reward Hunters

The project offers a Launchpad Platform for blockchain projects to conduct presales and an NFT Marketplace for users to store, sell, and trade their collectibles, featuring a unique NFT Mystery Box containing random or rare NFT collectibles.

Reward Hunters Official Media

For more information about it, please visit:

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