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Western Loan and Jewelry Announced Silver Services

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Los Angeles, CA, October 29, 2022 –(PR.com)– Silver comes in different purities. Some silver is 99.9% pure and some is 92.5% pure. The purity of silver affects its value. Pure silver is soft and not as durable as 92.5% silver, because the alloy added to the silver helps give it strength.

Western Loan and Jewerly announced they have a silver service where they buy, sell, and pawn silver. The silver value continues to go up and down, and a customer can sell high and purchase when it is low. Western Loan and Jewelry will test silver and determine an accurate fair offer to buy silver outright or write up a pawn loan.

Western Loan and Jewelry have experts who understand silver. Some people bring in silver coins, silver jewelry they don’t wear, and silver that was inherited but holds no sentimental value. These pieces are looked at, appraised, and then a deal is made with the owner of the silver, so the shop can include it as part of the…

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