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Webswing 22.2 Release – PR.com

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Dublin, Ireland, November 22, 2022 –(PR.com)– The new Webswing 22.2 Software release is available in the download section or in the Client Portal.

The detailed list of features included in the current release are below:

NPM module for easier integration to javascript projects
Allows easier integration of Webswing into the existing web project via the newly created NPM module. New module is well documented and enables typescript. This feature saves time for developers and allows better control over the source code.

Multi-screen window placement support (Chrome/Edge)
Now Webswing version 22.2 can configure precise window placement in a multi-screen environment. This feature enables the positioning of undocked windows across multiple screens. There is also API access provided to query particular screen layouts.

Web security configuration
What has been quite hardcoded before is now easily configurable via Webswing Admin Console. Multiple…

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