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Wanda Nelson’s New Book ‘Let’s Find Christmas’ Brings a Wonderful Holiday Tale About Kids Searching for Christmas

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Recent release “Let’s Find Christmas” from Covenant Books author Wanda Nelson is a lovely read about two kids who sets out and searches across town just to find where Christmas is.

Press Release

Dec 21, 2021

Wanda Nelson, a mother and grandmother of children who enjoy the simple things of the Christmas Season, has completed her new book, “Let’s Find Christmas”: a heartwarming tale about family and the bright holiday. It’s about Christmas, it’s about finding it, about searching the meaning of it. Travis and Taylor searched from place to place to find their answers and unexpectedly, they’re going to find it where they started.

Nelson shares, “‘Let’s find Christmas!’ Where do we even begin to look? Is Christmas to be found at a store where we find toys? Is it found at a bakery where we see Christmas…

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