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VMRD Begins Manufacturing Key Reagent for Detection of CWD by RT-QuIC

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Pullman, WA, August 09, 2022 –(PR.com)– Veterinary Medical Research & Development (VMRD), Pullman, WA, has partnered with CWD Evolution, Fort Collins, CO, to provide state-of-the-art diagnostic reagents for detection of the abnormal prion associated with Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD). The control of CWD requires identification of infected animals. The diagnosis of chronic wasting disease depends on detecting the highly variable amounts of abnormal prion. Real-time quaking-induced conversion (RT-QuIC) assays have greatly enhanced sensitivity for small amounts of abnormal prion. This technique exploits the ability of the misfolded pathological form of prion protein found in various tissues to induce conversion of normal prion to the misfolded form, which subsequently aggregates and is logarithmically amplified to dramatically increase sensitivity.

Chronic wasting disease is of great concern for sustainability of wildlife. It has…

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