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Vladimir Kush Presents His New Artwork ‘Matrix of Religion’

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Press Release

Jan 5, 2022 12:00 HST

World-renowned artist Vladimir Kush presents his latest artwork “Matrix of Religion” in a very Limited-Edition Print (#33) on Sublimation on Metal, size 32″x39″. This artwork comprehends a compilation of the artist’s paintings with a theme in common including his sold-out editions “Divine Geometry” and “Last Supper.” The artwork was unveiled to the public in Kush’s Gallery in Laguna Beach, California, this past December while celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Kush Fine Art among clients and collectors. 

“Matrix of Religion” encompasses eight different paintings by the artist showcasing the shape of a fish that divides the space of the composition and forms the central part of the picture. Fish or Ichthys (Ίχθύς – Greek) – is an ancient acronym (monogram) of the name of Jesus Christ,…

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