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USU continues growth and resolves share buyback program

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  • Sales growth of 14.9% in Q2 2022
  • EBITDA rises 9.4% in Q2/2022
  • Half-year figures confirm successful business performance
  • Liquidity climbs 19.6% year-on-year
  • New record for orders on hand
  • Management Board reiterates sales and earnings planning
  • Public share buyback to begin in early September 2022

Thanks to a large number of new and follow-up orders, USU Software AG and its subsidiaries (referred to as the USU Group or USU) achieved robust growth once again in the reporting quarter. Despite the negative economic and political conditions around the world, consolidated sales (IFRS) rose by 14.9% to EUR 30.7 million (Q2/2021: EUR 26.7 million). USU mainly benefited from its strong domestic business, which expanded by 17.7% to EUR 23.6 million (Q2/2021: EUR 20.0 million). International revenue also increased again for the first time since the decline due to COVID, by 6.3% to EUR 7.2 million (Q2/2021: EUR 6.7…

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