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umlaut’s new Intelligent HMI Test System to offer higher efficiency and reduce cost

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In its latest white paper, the benchmarking and testing expert analyzes the challenges of testing, the benefits of automated test solutions to help clients expedite time to market and maintain quality.

Detroit, MI – June 30, 2021 – For the first time, umlaut is offering a new Intelligent Human Machine Interface (HMI) Test System, a comprehensive test tool that allows customers to complete both remote and automated testing. With the emerging functionalities in infotainment systems and regular updates for HMI systems, increasingly more regular testing is required. Testing methods and solutions need to improve rapidly. This is why umlaut has developed an Intelligent HMI Test System (iHTS). It is an advanced testing solution that has been engineered by the leader in benchmarking and testing to add technology on top for device manufacturers.

umlaut’s iHTS

Two recent iHTS use cases include leading OEMs, clients of umlaut: One use case…

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