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Twitch Gambling Streamers Find a New Home With Time2play

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Press Release

updated: Aug 27, 2021 15:09 +03

Time2play.com, the trustworthy online gaming review site and part of the Kafe Rocks Group, is throwing open its virtual doors to gambling streamers after Twitch announced it will ban links and referral codes as of Aug. 17, 2021. 

“It is an understandable, and inevitable, decision by Twitch,” said Tim Tepass, Time2play chairman. “Gambling content should not sit alongside gaming streams that appeal to minors. We are offering a dedicated platform that will connect streamers with adult players, who want to be fully informed about online casinos and the games they offer.”

In keeping with its mission to be fully transparent, Time2play will make it clear to viewers how streamers using its platform are funded. It will also ask streamers to sign and adhere to a code of…

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