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Traumatic Miscarriage Precedes Birth of Baby Girl to Michelle Tang, Co-Founder & CEO of IMA ART Fertility

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Baby Dylan delivered by world-renowned OBGYN Dr. Thaïs Aliabadi at Cedars Sinai Hospital, Los Angeles

Michelle’s traumatic miscarriage and failed IVF treatment in Hong Kong inadvertently prepared her for leading IMA ART Fertility Beverly Hills. The Hong Kong experience honed Michelle’s listening skills and to speak to clients with compassion and empathy

Michelle and her husband were among the estimated 15% of couples who experience infertility. For several years, the couple tried to conceive naturally, ultimately turning to a disappointing Hong Kong IVF cycle. During their journey to parenthood, Michelle suffered a miscarriage, loss of a frozen embryo at a clinic in Hong Kong, and a failed embryo implantation. Her first-hand experience in Hong Kong demonstrated the decisive difference…

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