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The Vault Quintuples Down on the Growing Potential of the Online Auto Market in 2021

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Press Release

Dec 18, 2021 05:00 EST

The Vault is one of Sonicbidder.com’s most frequent consignors. In the past year, the duo have teamed up for five auctions. Together, the two have made several millions in asset conversions, setting the tone for the bold and relatively new landscape of online-only automotive auctions. When Sonicbidder.com announced plans for their year-end sale, “Christmas Around the World,” JD Pass was more than happy to consign some wares from his notable Jackson, Mississippi, showroom.

That happiness would pay off. With a majority sale-through rate, Christmas Around the World was another success for the online auction platform that meant more returns for their consignors. Pass himself was particularly thrilled saying, “We were excited to use this opportunity to sell so much of our inventory right…

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