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The Triitus Hyperclient, a CSfC Solution, Partners With CipherDriveOne, an NSA CSfC Hardware Data-at-Rest Layer

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New Partnership Protects Cross-Domain Remote Users From Hackers and Ransomware Trying to Steal Sensitive Data on Laptops and Workstations

Triitus is a cutting-edge solution that is making waves in government cybersecurity. In partnership with KLC Group and using CipherDriveOne technology, Triitus adds to its position to meet the NSA CSfC Data-at-Rest requirements, ensuring its clients have the highest level of Data-at-Rest security possible. With the growing use of cross-domain platforms by defense contractors, military, and government, it is important for all to take necessary measures to protect their sensitive information.

The Triitus Hyperclient is a powerful and secure solution for remote or mobile access to classified government systems. With a comprehensive set of capabilities, the Triitus…

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