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The NFT Film Project Announces That Filming Has Begun on “Godless Country”, a New Film Directed by Hajime Hashimoto.

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Press Release

Dec 31, 2021 09:00 EST

The NFT Film Project announces that filming has begun on “Godless Country”, a new film directed by Hajime Hashimoto.

The new movie “Godless Country,” directed by Hajime Hashimoto, the director of “AIBOU: Tokyo Detective Duo” and “PI is in the Bar” series, has started filming in Tokyo.

This story takes place in Japan, a “godless country” where those who make an effort are not rewarded but suffer even more.

Single mother Ryoko (Nana Yanagisawa) and her 14-year-old daughter Namie (Kayo Uemura) are struggling to make ends meet, but they are still trying to make the most of every day.

However, Ryoko is not getting paid enough for her work, her daughter is being bullied at school, and they have reached the end of their patience. Finally, Ryoko plans to move out, but she can’t even afford it.


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