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The Human Behavior Academy Launches Online Course How to Spot a Liar in 7 Seconds or Less

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Human behavior expert, trial consultant and author Susan Constantine announced a one-of-a-kind course designed to train viewers how to detect deception. The foremost expert on body language as it relates to human psychology, Constantine draws from a career working with government agencies, federal court judges, lawyers and legal teams, and corporations to create a series of 20 indispensable lessons focused on techniques and strategies validated by science and vetted in the field that anyone can use to quickly spot a liar. How to Spot a Liar in 7 Seconds or Less is available now exclusively on http://TheHumanBehaviorAcademy.com and Powered by LightspeedVT.com, an online digital publishing platform.

“Susan has always provided amazing insight into the stories and trials I have covered through the years,” said Vinnie Politan, a former prosecutor and current Court TV legal…

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