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The Family Butchers Germany (TFB) recalls products as precaution

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Versmold, 3 June 2021 – Within the scope of extensive quality control, quality defects have been identified in a small number of packages from the Reinert Bärchen brand. It cannot be ruled out that due to a machinery defect minimal quantities of metal dust have got onto the products. According to a check and assessment carried out by an independent expert, this will not cause any hazard to health. Nevertheless, as a precaution TFB has decided to withdraw all the products that might have been affected from sale within the scope of a public recall and is offering consumers the possibility to exchange these products. Customers can return these products to where they bought them in exchange for a refund of the purchase price, including without the receipt. This affects the following products:

Reinert Bärchen-Wurst:
All products with a use-by date (“Mindesthaltbarkeitsdatum” in German) before and including…

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