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The Annual Rating of Motion Monuments in 2022 is Published

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San Francisco, CA, September 12, 2022 –(PR.com)– The popular American blog, Mysterious Trip, has released a ranking of the world’s motion monuments, “Artists make metal and stone come alive.” The annual rating, which comes out at the end of August, has already been viewed by about 20,000 people who plan their vacation itineraries.

The rating of 2022 is dedicated to motion monuments and presents a list of the most amazing monuments that are in motion. Among them are such famous ones as “The Head of Franz Kafka” in Prague (by David Černý), “The Ali and Nino statue” in Batumi (by Tamara Kvesetadze) and “The Dachshund monument” in Tromso (by Inghild Karlsen and Bo Bisgaard).

Discoveries are the monuments, which were not previously included in the rating. For example, the animated monument to Nikolay Basov in Usman (Russia) (by IT group Otkritie). The monument to Nikolay Basov, the Soviet and Russian physicist, Nobel Prize winner, one…

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