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The AngelWing Project presents, “N,” a Play by David Alex at the Chesapeake Arts Center in Brooklyn Park

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Brooklyn Park, MD, September 01, 2022 –(PR.com)– How do you feel when you hear the “N” word? Depends on context? Depends on who is saying it? The AngelWing Project is proud to present this thought provoking, timely and thoroughly entertaining play at the Chesapeake Arts Center on September 10 and 11. Written by award winning Chicago playwright David Alex, the play challenges us to look at the role society has played in shaping our personal, and thus, our national attitudes and prejudices.

A young, white actor is a caregiver for a passionate, social, and political conservative African American woman. When he refuses to use the N-Word in a play he’s performing, they each learn something from the other’s perspective.

A talented ensemble cast brings this story to life with powerful and effective performances.
Mrs. Page – Olivia Keu
Eddy – Garret Matthews
DeShawn – Evan Carrington
The Director – Nefertari Rasaq
Directed by -…

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