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Telecom sector to benefit from B2B Telecom & Datacom Marketplace

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  • Telecoms and datacom marketplace Twoosk provides the top ten reasons to go virtual

Aveiro, Portugal, 2 July 2021 – The COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent difficulty of doing business in person has led to significant growth in vertical marketplaces as doubts about their effectiveness have proven baseless, according to telecom & datacom marketplace Twoosk.

It is expected that 2.14bn people will shop online this year and the online retail trade is now being reflected by a major shift towards large corporate organisations doing the same to source their equipment. In the telecommunications marketplace, Europe-based Twoosk now has more than 30 sellers in 14 countries and has just released its top ten reasons for telcos to buy virtually.

Twoosk CEO, André Manteigas said, “The pandemic has brought even more awareness to the need to digitally transform the way we do business in telecommunications and datacom markets. In terms…

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