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Taycte: Where Old-World Flavors Meet Modern American Palates

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The world of elite athletics and gourmet cuisine seldom intersect. But for Kajo A Kajevic, an acclaimed swim coach, the dive into the deep end of luxury food imports was a seamless transition. Amidst the challenges of the COVID-19 lockdowns, he united with seasoned entrepreneurs Dan Lee and Bob Farrell to establish Taycte. This culinary import venture is now transforming the American culinary landscape, introducing brands previously unavailable in the United States. Such a deep-seated passion for culinary excellence can be traced back to Kajo’s roots.

Raised near the idyllic border of Italy and Croatia, Kajo’s upbringing infused him with a multicultural appreciation that only a few can boast. The landscapes, traditions, and flavors of these two rich cultures shaped his early years and laid the foundation for his pursuits in excellence,…

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