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Talla Parj’s New Audiobook, “A Practical Guide to Interuniversalism,” is a Functional Guidebook on Obtaining & Integrating Higher Consciousness That Could Transform Lives

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New York, NY, February 03, 2023 –(PR.com)– Talla Parj, a diligent seeker of truth, has completed her recent book, “A Practical Guide to Interuniversalism”: a metamorphic read that explores the teaching of Interuniversalism, or “Erfan-Halgheh.” Practicing this mystical approach has made profound benefits in the lives of many people and the author hopes to bring this practice to a much larger audience. It is a book meant for people who aim for spiritual growth, healing, and higher consciousness.

“Interuniversalism is a science-based mystical practice based upon direct experience,” writes Parj. “It is the purpose and the ultimate goal of this practice to raise our collective consciousness to heal humanity at every level, answer basic questions about creation, and help humanity walk the path to inner completion.

“The Higher Consciousness is the intelligence running the universe. It is possible to receive visions, knowledge,…

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