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The Macroeconomic Crypto Climate, Explained

By CoinDesk Author, Robert Stevens Reposted with permission from CoinDesk Original article can be found at  https://www.coindesk.com/powered-by-consensus/crypto-macroeconomics-explained/ The Macroeconomic Crypto Climate, Explained Over the summer, Three Arrows Capital, Celsius...

ChangeX (CHANGE): A Crypto Bank That Meets Centralized and Decentralized Finance

With the development of the blockchain market and users' understanding of the concepts of liquidity mining and staking, the gap between users is gradually widening. ChangeX.io realizes that the journey from ‘Fiat Banking’ to ‘Cryptocurrency Ownership’ is only half of the journey, and from ‘Cryptocurrency Ownership’ to ‘Participation in DeFi’ is equally important. The mission of ​​ChangeX is to act as a bridge between blockchains, ultimately providing users with easy access to the world of blockchains and helping users overcome payment obstacles in real life.

TRILLANT (TRI): An Integrated Commerce Solution That Utilizes Blockchain Technology

TRILLANT is an innovative cryptocurrency investment ecosystem built on blockchain technology. TRILLANT is founded on the Triple T concept (TTT): Trillant Value Token (TRI) represents the cryptocurrency financial instrument utilized for staking and generating weekly profits. Trillon Stablecoin (TRIL) is a 1:1 stablecoin that is backed up by, and tethered to, the US Dollar. Trillando is the integrated marketplace solution that offers added value and opportunity for market participants.

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