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New Book Shows How Trafficked Women Can Find Redemption

LONDON – The Thief, the Harlot and the Healer takes readers on a journey of courage, self-worth and healing in Jerusalem just in time for Easter. The story brings the reader to the cross. Rachel is born into a time when women had no rights. She has been trafficked and forced into slavery and prostitution. When an abducted child is held prisoner in the brothel where Rachel works, she does everything she can to protect the child from a life of misery and prostitution. The maternal love she feels for the girl gives her the courage to outrun her captors and seek help from people who tell her about the Healer. Readers follow Rachel’s story to its conclusion at the cross. Mike E. Clements, the author, has infused the book with much danger for Rachel and others and suspense. This book is the first in a trilogy. “Writing The Thief, the Harlot and the Healer has been an immense pleasure,” Clements said. “Self-publication allowed me to explore themes and motifs that traditional publishing would not. A peace that surpasses all understanding, a calm, a healing balm of rediscovered joy in life can be an antidote to a life of mental stress.”

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