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TacoTuesday.com Stands with Taco Bell to Free Taco Tuesday

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Laguna Hills, CA, May 26, 2023 –(PR.com)– Taking a stand in support of Taco Bell, to liberate the phrase “Taco Tuesday,” TacoTuesday.com agrees, tacos do have the unique ability to bring people together and bring joy to their lives on an otherwise mediocre day of the week: Taco Bell has filed legal petitions to cancel the federal trademark registrations for “Taco Tuesday.”

“This is not about asking Taco John’s to stop celebrating Taco Tuesday, we’re asking them to recognize that since their trademark was granted, the term has grown well beyond them. Millions of people celebrate Taco Tuesday across the country in restaurants and at home and have the right to do so,” explains Pamela Waitt, Founder of TacoTuesday.com “Having ‘Taco Tuesday’ trademarked today can be likened to someone owning ‘Happy Hour’ or ‘Sunday Brunch.’ We are here to amplify the voices of our restaurant industry friends across the…

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