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Sustained Acoustic Medicine Technology from ZetrOZ Systems Endorsed By American Athletes, Veterans and Workers

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Wearable ultrasound sam® device heals soft tissue injuries faster, reduces need for surgery and pain medications.

Press Release

Dec 29, 2021 08:00 EST

Professional athletes, military veterans and everyday workers are getting back in action more quickly thanks to ZetrOZ’s Sustained Acoustic Medicine (sam®) technology. 

In studies and testimonials, athletic trainers, veteran’s organizations, and worker health advocates credit the innovative, wearable injury healing and pain relief device for helping people regain function, while reducing the need for invasive surgery and potentially addictive pain medications.

The FDA-cleared sam® device uses low-intensity, long-duration ultrasound, which promotes better patient outcomes than traditional ultrasound therapy. By inhibiting inflammation and increasing the rate…

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