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Superpedestrian Launches Its Biggest Fleet of LINK E-Scooters in Los Angeles Today, With 5,000 Sustainable and Safe Vehicles

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E-scooters will be installed on city streets later today.

Press Release

updated: Aug 26, 2021 10:00 EDT

Superpedestrian’s LINK shared e-scooter service launches its largest fleet of vehicles in Los Angeles today, making it the city’s largest provider of new shared scooters. The first of 5,000 silver-and-bright-yellow vehicles are rolling out across the city with a focus on inter-neighborhood access and connections to local transit including Metro Light Rail and buses.

LINK by Superpedestrian integrates community-first practices into all aspects of its business, including bringing good-paying jobs to communities. Globally, Superpedestrian focuses on employing workers as W2 employees rather than as gig workers, a marked divergence from the industry. In Los Angeles, Superpedestrian will work with leading…

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