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Super Producer D. Bottz Announced Today the Inaugural “The Cookout” Album is to be Released Friday, Jan. 28

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Houston, TX, January 21, 2022 –(PR.com)– Although the pandemic has been the worst event to hit internationally in decades, it is crazy how such a devastatingly traumatic phenomenon has spun off many reimagined opportunities. “The Cookout,” created by multi-award nominee artist, billboard charting mega-producer, drummer, keyboardist, visionary, social media influencer, and podcaster Davion Bottz (better known as D. Bottz), is one of those events, and the inaugural album will surely break the internet.

In 2021, D. Bottz developed an innovative platform designed especially for creatives and “up-in-coming artists.” “‘The Cookout’ was birthed from being on Clubhouse,” Bottz says. “Often questioned about my process, I took it right to the artists and musicians. I let them observe firsthand the process of creating (and dropping) a song from on-site award-winning writers, producers, engineers, singers, vocal coaches, mix…

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