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Stackline Launches Trends: The Ultimate Ranking of the Brands and Topics Shaping Retail

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Trends Leverages Insight from Over 300 Billion Ecommerce Searches to Provide Unparalleled Visibility into the Consumer-driven U.S. Economy

Press Release

updated: Jul 29, 2021

Stackline, a Seattle-based technology company that builds ecommerce tools for thousands of the largest consumer brands and retailers, today announced the launch of Trends – a comprehensive analysis of ecommerce search volume that features a definitive ranking of the brands and topics that are growing, declining and emerging in consumer popularity.

“The pandemic undeniably fast-tracked ecommerce adoption, which in turn accelerated the rate at which retail movements take hold and new brand leaders emerge. And yet, having visibility into consumer appetite at the ecommerce search level has been minimal at best,” said Michael Lagoni, founder…

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