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SoundOut Wins 2022 BIG Innovation Award

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Press Release

Jan 11, 2022 15:19 GMT

SoundOut, the world leader in strategic sonic branding and audio marketing testing, has today announced that it is a winner in the 2022 BIG Innovation Awards, for a breakthrough set of tools aimed at unlocking the subconscious power of music for brands.

The award, presented by the Business Intelligence Group, recognises the BrandMatch and Attribute Visualiser products, which SoundOut launched as a result of its unprecedented mapping of the emotional DNA of music.

‘BrandMatch’ enables a company to define its precise brand personality and then test any proposed sonic identity, mainstream music or voice with consumers to measure the percentage personality match between the brand and the audio asset.

‘Attribute Visualiser’, now used by a number of leading sonic branding agencies, enables the…

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