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Sonic Bytes Crypto Presale Launch

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New York, NY, January 04, 2022 –(PR.com)– Sonic Bytes is launching the presale of their cryptocurrency on January 15th. They are having a whitelist competition giving away a privilege to winners of the competition to enter the presale privately within the first 3 hours.

100 Whitelist limited seats will be given to the users with the top entries. Buyers can secure positions on the whitelist to attend the 1st 3 hours of the Sonic Bytes presale. Whitelist Winners will get a 3 hour advantage at the beginning of the presale before it goes public. If there are more than 100 buyers with similar entries there will be a raffle between them.

Anyone interested can enter the competition to win the opportunity to have a first hand advantage during the first 3 hours of the presale. The competition winners get to purchase the Sonic Bytes Tokens first and don’t have to worry about being left behind when the public presale starts. The Sonic Bytes…

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