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SolarCraft Completes Solar Power Installation at Sleepy Hollow Community Center – San Anselmo Swim Center Installs Solar, Cuts Utility Bills

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Novato, CA, May 25, 2021 –(PR.com)– Consisting of (105) high-efficiency solar panels, the system is roof mounted on the newly remodeled Sleepy Hollow Clubhouse building. The Sleepy Hollow Homes Association (SHHA) was looking to build sustainably, and solar was incorporated as a way to lower their carbon footprint, cut electrical costs and demonstrate use of the system to their community members who may be considering “going solar.” The photovoltaic solar system will produce 53,564 kWh, offsetting about 80% of their electrical usage. Future plans include the addition of a battery system to allow storage of power generated by the solar panels so it can be used during power outages.

The combined solar electric system additions will offset 38 metric tons of carbon dioxide every year that would otherwise be emitted by fossil-fuel based utility power. This impact is equivalent to saving 88 barrels of oil, removing air pollution…

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