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Social Media Data Breach Prompts These GLESEC Warnings

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Orlando, FL, September 20, 2022 –(PR.com)– Every day, social media users find that they’ve been hacked or that their information has been a part of a larger data breach. In the latest news of social media security breaches, another social media data breach was recently announced.

The cybersecurity experts at GLESEC have seven easy tips social media users can use to better protect themselves. Sergio Heker, founder and CEO of GLESEC, has had his finger on the pulse of online threats since the inception of the internet. Heker understands the growing security challenges people face both personally and professionally.

“Social media users are often so eager to post and share a catchy viral video that they often don’t realize how much of their information they have shared,” Heker explains, “the desire for likes, reposts, replies and views are sometimes clouding users’ better judgment. The consequences are not just personal,…

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