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SMC Updates the Pneumatic System on the Boilermaker Special VII

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Noblesville, IN, September 14, 2022 –(PR.com)– A couple of these accolades can be attributed to the train’s extensive pneumatic system which controls the horns, bells, whistles, smokestack, and cowcatcher. As this system was originally installed in the sixth edition of the Boilermaker Special over twenty years ago, it was due for an update.

To prepare for the project, a team of four SMC engineers collaborated with the Reamer Club to examine the state of the pneumatics on the train and design a new system. The update consisted of replacing the air preparation system that removes moisture and debris from the pressurized air, the valves and manifold that direct the air, and the tubing, wiring, and fittings that connect the entire system.

The system actuates the horns, bells, and whistles, as well as two air cylinders that were updated, too: the cylinder for the CO2 tanks that exhaust CO2 from the smokestack, and the cylinder that…

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