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“Shadows” Group Exhibit at Art Gotham in Soho: Sept 7 – Oct 1

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New York, NY, September 06, 2023 –(PR.com)– “Shadows” Group Exhibit at Art Gotham in Soho

“Shadows” is a captivating group art exhibit presented by Art Gotham, featuring an exquisite array of abstract artworks centered around the colors black, silver, white, and gray. This exhibition delves into the depths of these somber and sophisticated hues, unveiling a multi-faceted exploration of emotions and perceptions through the lens of monochrome.

Art Gotham, www.artgotham.com, is a prominent Soho neighborhood and online art gallery that represents early and mid-career contemporary artists. Founded by Kimberly Salib in 2005 in West Chelsea, the gallery has since moved to Soho and has a strong online presence.

Art Gotham provides a platform for artists to exhibit their work and hosts seasonal group shows centered around a common theme. By fostering emerging talents and embracing the vibrant atmosphere of Soho, Art Gotham has become a…

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