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September 24 is World Rivers Day 2023

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Burnaby, Canada, September 11, 2023 –(PR.com)– Across the globe, millions of people, and thousands of events, both physical and virtual, will mark World Rivers Day 2023 on Sunday, September 24, in what has become one of the largest environmental celebrations on the planet. With many of the world’s rivers in a degraded state and facing increasing pressures associated with pollution, climate change, and industrial development, more than 100 countries will participate in this year’s activities.

This year’s theme is once again “waterways in our communities” with an emphasis on protecting rivers that remain in a healthy state, while also striving to restore those that have been damaged in past. Many events will also profile several sub themes such as the all-important link between the state of our rivers and the state of our oceans, the growing “rights of rivers” movement, and the significant impacts that climate change…

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