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SCTi Enters Into Exclusive North American Distribution Agreement with the EA Group

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Toronto, Canada, May 20, 2021 –(PR.com)– Data center cooling optimization specialists, SCTi entered into an exclusive marketing and sales agreement with the EA Group, electrical and HVAC contracting experts, for distribution of floating head technology to North American data center clients.

The floating head retrofit achieves energy savings as high as 45% and improves compressor lifecycle and reliability by reducing compressor pressures during lower ambient temperatures.

Floating head pressure is a climate-controlled technology perfected by the EA Group to reduce energy consumption of data center DX based air conditioning systems. The retrofit entails replacing the standard mechanical expansion valves with new electronic expansion valves, a micro-processor based controller and a variable speed drive lead condenser fan, enabling head pressure to modulate based on ambient temperature. This results in a drop in compressor wattage…

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