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School Gardens Bring Self Sufficiency & Science to Sonoma Youth: Funding Opportunity

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Press Release

Jan 19, 2022 11:03 EST

School gardens empower children to be self-sufficient, with the knowledge of how to grow their own healthy food. What students learn in a garden can provide them with a sturdy personal and academic foundation, especially in science, and an understanding of how the natural world works. WellKind’s school gardens also take children away from their screens and out into nature, a classroom with no limits.

Now it is easier than ever for schools in Sonoma County to start their gardens with the support of WellKind, a small nonprofit that seeks to enrich children’s lives. WellKind is currently providing mini-grants and free garden education for Sonoma public schools. If you represent a public school in Sonoma county and would like your school to benefit from the program, applications for new school…

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