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Scailyte Announces Collaboration With Turnstone Biologics to Identify Biomarker Signatures in Solid Tumors With TIL Therapy

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Scailyte AG, an ETH Zürich spin-off with a proprietary analytical sequencing, and data analysis platform to draw insights into complex disease patterns from single-cell data, today announced that it entered into a collaboration with Turnstone Biologics to discover signature biomarkers predictive of clinical responses to tumor-infiltrating lymphocyte (TIL) therapy by applying ScaiVision®, Scailyte’s best-in-class single-cell sequencing analytical platform.

Scailyte’s proprietary data analysis platform, ScaiVision®, is designed to provide unique clinical insights into a patient’s biology to further enable cell and gene therapy and immuno-oncology treatments. ScaiVision® incorporates multi-modal single-cell datasets with clinical and technical endpoints, including disease diagnosis, progression, severity, treatment response, and…

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