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Sayler’s Old Country Kitchen Celebrates 75 Years

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Press Release

updated: Aug 20, 2021

Step inside the bustling restaurant known as Sayler’s Old Country Kitchen, and you’ll experience a unique slice of Portland, Oregon. Several generations rub elbows here—from Baby Boomers to Gen-Z, and Millennials. What brings them to Sayler’s? An incredible steak dinner for less than you’d find at any upscale Steakhouse. This accounts for their long-lasting success. And it’s why they are now celebrating their 75th anniversary.

Family Operation Extends to Employees
Employees tend to stick around Sayler’s. It’s part of the charm of coming back and seeing the same server you saw on your last visit. Even in the kitchen, there is stability—an anomaly in the restaurant business. Chef Brent Dahmen has been with the operation for over 30 years. “Instead of looking for employees with…

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