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Savvy Cleaner Skyrockets Customer Experience by Landing New Brand Strategist Trina Hargett

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Savvy Cleaner Levels up on Customer-Centric Culture With the Addition of Trina Hargett as Brand Strategist

Press Release

Nov 1, 2022 12:16 EDT

Savvy Cleaner, the company that produces the Ask A House Cleaner show and podcast is radiating over Brand Strategist Trina Hargett. “Managing the customer experience is the key to brand loyalty and long-term success,” says Savvy Cleaner CEO, Angela Brown. “Hargett’s track record with optimizing each step of the customer journey through speed, consistency, technology, and the use of emotional impact is a real boost for our company.”

Create a Customer Win

Maximizing each point along the customer’s path…

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